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The Company

Aims Rent-A-Car has been in business for several years in Fiji Islands and has achieved tremendous goodwill and excellent clientele through the delivery of unprecedented services and top of the range vehicles to it’s clients.
Aims Rent-A-Car has always believed in sheer perfection and has always worked in accordance with the needs of the clients.

Motto/ Achieved Through

The motto: “Our Aim Is Your Satisfaction”
The organization achieves this through unmatched commitment towards its work and its customers.
We work in accordance with the needs of our customers and provide them with the services respectively.
The customers of Aims Rent-A-Car very well know that we not only promise complete satisfaction but we guarantee it!
Our vehicles are always maintained in a perfect condition so that our customers do not face any difficulties during their stay.
We also provide 24/7 support to our clients if the need arises.

Services Offered

We provide vehicles that are in demand and at a reasonable rate.
Our vehicles are also fully accessorized to provide sheer class and luxury when on the road.
Our after-sales services has also been applauded by our clients as we provide 24/7 backup services when needed.
The organization always works as per the needs of the customers and tries its level best to include services that are requested by the customers.
The dedicated team at Aims Rent-A-Car is also an important aspect as to why customers return to Aims Rent-A-Car for our services.
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On August 12, 2014

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